Does Height Help In Golf? Tips For Short And Tall Golfers

Does Height Help in Golf? Tips For Short and Tall Golfers

Some sports seem to be made for people of certain statures, but when it comes to golf, height might not matter as much as you think.

Those that are new to the game and those that have been playing it for years might have pondered before about the correlation between their height and how well they play, but is it something they should really be worrying about?

Does height really help in golf and does it give us certain advantages? Although many people assume that being a taller player comes with benefits in golf, the height of a player has no impact on how well they play. The only requirement is that each player is using equipment to suit their physical needs, including height, so that they can play to the best of their ability.

We?re going to look at some ways that height can have an impact in the game of golf and whether taller players have at least some advantage.

With tips for players of all shapes and sizes, you?ll be able to customize your game to suit your specific physical needs, making for all round better performance.

Does Height Really Help in Golf?

Golf Height does it matter?

Looking at people playing golf, you might assume that being a taller player gives you some advantages over your shorter opponents.

You might be able to hit the ball farther because of your longer arms or have greater body strength that makes it easier to perfect the swing.

When it comes down to it though, height has no obvious impact on how well you?re able to play the game.

Some experts believe that being short is the stature that actually comes with some advantages. This is thought to be because of their ability to gain leverage.

With a lower center of gravity compared to a tall person, you might be able to have better balance and connect with the ball easier during your swing.

However, just as with theories about tall players having an advantage, there?s no scientific evidence to back this up.

The main thing that golfers have to be concerned about is choosing equipment that matches their height and knowing how their physical form can affect their technique.

A standard club might not be ideal for players of all sizes, both short and tall, so you have to choose one that?s neither too short or too tall to give yourself the best chance.

What is the Average Height of a PGA Tour Player?

Looking at the average heights of PGA tour players over the years is an area of interest for many golfers. According to the PGA themselves, the average height of winners from tournaments during the last five years from 2013 to 2018 is almost six feet tall, at 71.8 inches.

What?s interesting to note though, is that there?s almost a foot-long variance between the winners of the last five years.

This highlights how height has nothing to do with success in the game of golf, but rather practice and good form using equipment that?s made just for your body type is all that?s needed.

According to the PGA?s studies, they?ve found that the sweet spot for height when looking at past winners was between 5?10? to 6?4? so there?s quite a variance. By their reasoning, players in that height range have had at least 15 wins since 2014 with either side of that number experiencing an obvious decline.

Amateur players not within this range shouldn?t be discouraged though, as there have been famous golfers of varying heights since the inception of the game.

Visiting any golf course in the world can show you just how varied the heights of golfers are, so as long as you are playing to your strengths, your stature won?t matter.

Golf Tips for Short Players

There are some things that short golfers can do to make the game easier for themselves or boost their performance. If you?re on the shorter end of the spectrum and want to know how to use your height as an advantage, these are some tips you can follow.

  • Pay attention to the width of your stance as a way to improve your balance and give yourself a greater swing arc to get the most distance possible. As you hit the driver, make sure your feet are positioned directly underneath the edge of your shoulders and move them in slightly as your clubs get shorter.
  • Avoid buying any golf clubs that come standard off the rack. These suit players around 5?9? usually, so if you?re shorter than that they won?t work. Adjust the lie angle and length of the club to your specific proportions for a better stance and swing.
  • Learn the basics of how to hit a draw so you can avoid the downfalls of a flatter swing. As shorter players usually have flatter swings that are horizontal, they?re better suited for right to left ball flight situations.

Golf Tips for Tall Players

Tall players need just as much help as short players in the game of golf, due to being outside of the standard height range. If you?re taller than most but don?t want that to impact your performance, follow these tips for tall golfers.

  • Being tall means you?re able to get a wider swing arc which results in further distance. Make this your priority as you?re practicing swings so that you can get the most out of this move that will gain you a lot of distance.
  • Tall players will need to bend their hips more and tilt their pelvis further forward than average and shorter heights. This will enable them to get their body into a solid position as they address the ball and not feel any of the disadvantages that their height might bring.
  • A standard club length is suitable for players up to 6?1?, so anyone over this will need to choose accordingly. Club sizes go up by a quarter of an inch in correlation to your size so make sure you select based on your height.

Related Questions

Golfing Together

The game of golf is impacted quite a lot by our physique and it?s up to the golfer to understand how their body can work for them and against them. When it comes to this sport and knowing how to use your body to your advantage, we?ve answered some frequently asked questions that can clear things up.

Can Men Play With Ladies Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are usually categorized by gender due to the height differences between men and women. On average, a women?s club is around 2? shorter than men?s, so provided you are shopping for the correct height there is no reason that male and female clubs can?t be used interchangeably.

What Are the Standard Sizes of Golf Clubs?

Each club has its own standard size, with putters being 34? and the driver being 45?. The measurement refers to the length of the shaft and not the total club. Knowing what size shaft is recommended for you can help to purchase new ones or replace a broken shaft that you have.

What is the Wrist to Floor Measurement of a Club?

A common term of measurement used in golf clubs is the wrist to floor measurement. This is the distance between the ground and the wrist of the player as they wear regular shoes. When you purchase a golf club you need to ensure that your measurements match those of the club to get the right size for your height.

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