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Adidas Men?s Tech Response Shoes

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For any golfer, investing in a new pair of shoes for your chosen sport can make you feel like a brand new player.

You’re more comfortable, have flexibility with your swing, and get a sturdier grip on the ground that makes it that much easier to put your full force into the perfect shot.

When you’re on the hunt for the best golfing shoes that makes all of this possible though, it can get overwhelming fast.

With virtually hundreds of different brands and styles to choose from and so many differing opinions out there, finding the best rated golf shoes that tick all of your personal boxes isn’t that easy.

This buying guide can make that selection process easier, whether you want comfortable golf shoes for walking the course or spiked ones for extra traction.

We’ve rounded up our top picks for 2019 as well as some imperative information you need to know that’ll make the hunt for this accessory even easier so you can spend less time shopping and more time on the course.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing a new pair of golf shoes.

In addition to your personal preferences and playing style, you also have to weigh up the brand, materials used, and construction of the shoes, so it’s a pretty lengthy selection criterion.

We’ve done the hard work for you and looking through countless golf shoes reviews to come up with these top picks for both men and women’s styles.

Our Reviews For The Best Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Shoes


The mere mention of the name Adidas and golfers know that it’s a shoe they can rely on, making their Tech Response our number one choice.

These shoes are made with 75% microfiber leather for softness and comfort, with 25% mesh for breathability.

They have a soft EVA insole which adds to their attraction and makes them the best lightweight golf shoe around.

According to the reviews, comfort was the number one thing that these shoes offered over the rest.

Even a full day on the course was easy because of their lightweight feel and soft cushioning, as well as being totally breathable.

Adidas is known for never skimping on the quality of materials, and thanks to these you’ll benefit from absolute luxury.

On the downside, they’re not waterproof golf shoes and can’t even really hold up against the morning dew or slightly wet grass.

You’ll have to make sure playing conditions are top notch before you put these on for the day, or maybe even have a waterproof pair to start your morning holes with.

Adidas has used a six-spike configuration on these whose which gives amazing traction while managing to keep a low profile so you stay close to the ground.

There are four different stylish colors to choose from and plenty of sizes, making them a good fit for just about every man.

According to the reviews, these are true to size and have a wider option so they’re also our pick for the best shoes for wide feet.

The Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes are a golfer’s dream come true with comfort and traction being its best features.

Retailing for between $60 – $120 depending on the size, you can get these innovative golf shoes on Amazon and enjoy a 90-day comfort guarantee as an added bonus.

As our overall pick for the best golfing shoes, the Tech Response footwear seems to have everything a golfer is looking for.

Technical specifications

New Balance NBG2004 Golf Shoe


New Balance NBG2004 Golf Shoe

Some golfers assume that to get a spiked golf shoe means you have to give up some comfort in order for extra traction, but the New Balance NBG2004 has proven this theory wrong.

Made with 100% microfiber leather and a 10mm drop midsole, it’s cushioned with just the right amount of responsiveness and is ideal for even the longest rounds of golf.

Customers were seriously impressed with the fit of these shoes and how much comfort they provided even after many hours.

Using the FantomFit technology that New Balance designed and a REVlite midsole they’ve managed to create a foam that’s lighter but has as much durability as foams that are a third of the size heavier.

One thing that people mentioned was how thin the shoe felt from the inside, despite looking just fine on the outside.

If you prefer a thicker shoe that gives more traction, especially when shopping for the best spiked golf shoes, these probably won’t be suitable.

However, the outer sole is thick and durable so there’s less chance you’ll be replacing them any time soon.

The New Balance NBG2004 Golf Shoes are fully waterproof golf shoes which is good news for people who like to play in the morning dew or subpar conditions, and with a microfiber leather upper the whole thing will be protected.

It has a TPU outsole which flexes with your foot and gives a better range of motion, but it could still feel a little flimsy for some.

These shoes are available on Amazon for varying prices, depending on your size, from around $70 – $120 and they come in both men’s and women’s sizes.

The New Balance NBG2004 Golf Shoes offer exceptional comfort and are ideal for a full day of play, but consider how much lightweight you really want before it starts to feel too delicate.

Technical specifications

Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

If you want a reliable golf shoe you can trust one of the biggest golf shoes to make it, and the Callaway Balboa TRX is one of our top recommendations for men.

With a premium name behind them, they come with a premium price, but they also offer a 7 spike dura rubber outsole, microfiber leather waterproof upper, and optisoft midsole, so every single part of the shoe has been considered carefully.

As a spiked golf shoe, they do give a lot of traction which ultimately helps you with your swing and keeps you steady in the ground.

Compared to others, they probably have some of the best traction without feeling lightweight and flimsy, so if you want stability as your main feature these will serve you well.

Unfortunately, there were a few customers who found these shoes didn’t last as long as they’d hoped.

For one of the most costly pairs that we’ve reviewed, this is especially upsetting, so if you do decide to invest in them you’ll want to take extra care when looking after them and cleaning.

The sizes also run a little small so it’s advisable to choose the next one up otherwise it could be cramped.

Other features of the Callaway Balboa TRX Men’s Golf Shoes are the champ slim-lok cleats, 5mm EVA sock liner, and fully imported leather used to craft the footwear.

They might cost a little more but they’re packed with noteworthy features and if traction is your goal then they’re a smart choice.

These shoes cost between $70 and $150 on Amazon, so they do have a higher price tag.

For those who love Callaway and only want to use their gear it’s a small price to pay, but just be prepared to take care of them or they won’t last you longer than 30 rounds.

Technical specifications

Skechers Go Golf Birdie Shoes


Skechers Go Golf Birdie Shoes

Skechers know a thing or two about women’s shoes and their Go Golf Birdie series have plenty of great features worth noting.

Using their famous Goga Max and Goga Matrix technologies, they high rebound cushioning on the inside and cushion and traction on the outside.

These shoes are so comfortable that they have the potential to change your entire game, especially for those who prefer to spend the entire day on the course.

Customers love how lightweight these shoes were but also how responsive they were.

As spikeless golf shoes, this isn’t really anything new, but Skechers has managed to make them even more responsive than most.

You’ll still feel stable and steady on your feet but without the rigid feeling that many shoes come with.

These shoes are water resistant and not waterproof, which people were unhappy to find out.

You’re better off not going near any water at all otherwise they probably won’t recover, so keep searching if you need something with absolute protection from wet conditions.

Skechers has designed these shoes with the right materials like mesh fabric for breathability, a synthetic sole for durability, and soft cushioning for comfort.

They come in a wide fit as well as normal so every woman will find her perfect shoe, and they also make them for men’s sizes.

Priced between $30 – $80 for women’s sizes on Amazon, they’re great value for money and will last for many years.

There are plenty of color combinations and designs to choose from so if the style is a factor when choosing your shoes, the Skechers Go Golf Birdie Shoes won’t steer you wrong.

Technical specifications

New Balance Women’s Minimus Shoe

New Balance Women?s Minimus Shoe

New Balance is a trusted name when it comes to sports footwear so it’s no surprise that their golf range is popular too.

The Minimus shoe is a great choice for golf because of its comfort levels and breathability, so if you’re someone who prefers to walk the course these will be ideal.

They come with an Ortholite insole for added comfort and a REVlite midsole, with the two working together to make them feel like a dream.

The New Balance Women’s Minimus Shoe has a low profile and it helps you to stay lower to the ground.

Customers loved the feel of this as it was more natural and some found it aided them in their swing. The design is spikeless as well which helps with this low profile and adds even more to their comfort levels.

Nothing about these shoes is water resistant or waterproof so you have to be careful where and when you wear them.

They’re also incredibly light and don’t offer the most stability, so at times they can feel more like a shoe made for walking or running rather than playing golf.

The rubber outsole is made with Flexible Ndurance technology which New Balance designed themselves.

It also uses 100% mesh on the upper so although it won’t protect against water, it’s great for hot conditions where you need some breathability.

The Minimus Shoes are available in women’s sizes on Amazon for between $40 – $80 and there are six different styles to choose from.

If you want comfort for walking the course and a shoe that doesn’t feel as though it was made for golf, these might be right up your alley.

Technical specifications

Golf Shoes vs Normal Shoes: What’s the Real Difference?

Golf Vs Regular Shoes

Those new to golf often wonder if they can just wear their regular sports shoes on the course and get the same results, but unfortunately, you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

Although they do have many of the same qualities as running shoes and similar styles, their main difference is the traction they offer the wearer.

In golf, it’s important to stay as steady as possible as you take the swing, and that’s what these shoes are engineered for.

They’ll keep your feet firmly planted in the ground so you can give as much force as is required and move your body in the unique way that golf requires.

This is achieved with replaceable spikes built into the sole or a rubber tractioned sole that keeps you planted on the ground, with both designs having their own good and bad points.

Other features like comfort and waterproofing are nice bonuses to have in a golf shoe, but they aren’t exclusive to just this style.

Each player will have their own requirements or areas of improvement they have to focus on, so choose a golf shoe that meets these criteria is where it will make a difference.

The Commonly Asked Questions About Golf Shoes

Having some background information on these shoes can make it a lot easier to choose the right pair. 

These are the answers to those common questions about golf shoes you might have been too afraid to ask and will make you an expert in no time.

Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Effective?

Spikeless golf shoes are more common these days because they’ve been engineered to have the same amount of traction.

Some people still prefer to use spikes because of the added stability, but it’s no longer a necessity.

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Golf?

It is entirely possible to wear running shoes to play golf but they don’t come with the same traction and flexibility as a golf shoe.

Some golf courses have regulations in place regarding footwear so you need to keep these in mind also.

Are Golf Shoes Ok for Walking?

If you prefer to walk the golf course, you’ll want to find shoes designed for this, usually with more support, a comfortable insole, and very light construction.

The waterproof factor of a shoe should also be considered as you’re likely to be walking through wet grass or in dewy conditions.

When Should I Replace My Golf Spikes?

Replacing Golf Shoe Spikes

Manufacturers have different recommendations for their shoes, but on average, they will advise changing the spikes every 20 rounds to maintain their traction.

The conditions you play in and how much wear they have can impact this, so you need to make your own considerations as well.

How Long Do Spikeless Golf Shoes Last?

Because the spikes can’t be replaced on spikeless shoes, they won’t last as long as the rubber sole will eventually wear down.

However, with the right care, a quality pair of spikeless golf shoes should last between one to two years depending on the frequency of play.

The Perfect Fit for the Perfect Game

With the right pair of golf shoes on your feet, you’ll likely notice a huge improvement in your game. 

Whether it’s the comfort levels that have improved or your new ability to stand strong and stable as you swing the club, golf shoes have the potential to do so much.

The perfect pair of golf shoes will mean something different for every player but there are some features that you can never go wrong with choosing. 

Any of these shoes we’ve reviewed will make you happy out on the course and they’re a worthy investment that can really revolutionize your entire game.

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