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TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review




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Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder Review



A huge part of playing golf is understanding the many factors that will influence your swing.

Perhaps one of the most important things we have to consider before we take that shot is the distance from where we are to where the ball needs to be, and with that information, we can make a lot of judgment.

Golf rangefinders are the piece of technology that can help you do just this, and for amateur golfers especially they can be a godsend.

If you’re on the hunt for the best golf rangefinders of 2019, you couldn’t have picked a better time to shop for one, as the technology is better than ever and these GPS units are more affordable as well.

This selection guide has some of the best golf rangefinders on the market in all price ranges, including those with slope and those with precision.

With a rangefinder in your possession, you’ll take a lot of guesswork out of making those shots, and likely notice an instant improvement.

Our Reviews For The Best Golf Rangefinders

A good rangefinder can do many things on the golf course, including measuring distance and notifying you of any hazards.

With so many choices on the market, we’ve narrowed them down to our top picks so you can get the ideal rangefinder to revolutionize the way you play the game.

TecTecTec VPro500 Rangefinder


If you’re after a general golf range finder without any specific features, the best choice on the market is the TecTecTec VPro500 Rangefinder.

Of all the golf rangefinder reviews this laser model has the happiest customers with its ability to measure up to 540 yards, a 6x magnification, and tiny weight of just 6.5oz.

The best thing about this rangefinder is the accuracy and how easy it was to use. You can point it where you want to read and get a virtually instant result so you’ll save a lot of time pondering your next move.

As a golf distance finder it’s one of the best, and especially at this price range that puts it a lot lower than most premium brands.

There’s no slope feature present on this golf yardage finder, and the automatic shut off feature takes a while to actually turn off. 

You need to be mindful of the battery use if you’re relying on this feature because it could end up draining it all.

According to the reviews, any problems that people had were quickly rectified by TecTecTec and overall most customers were thrilled with their purchase.

Other noteworthy features include the case it comes with, which is compact and lightweight, fitting perfectly with the small size of the rangefinder itself.

You even get a belt loop for keeping it close by and the operation couldn’t be easier to get the hang of. A simple point where you want to read and you’ll get the results straight away.

You can pick up the TecTecTec  VPro500 for around $150 brand new on Amazon, which makes it the best golf rangefinder for the money. 

The device comes with an impressive two-year warranty and around the clock customer service, so as far as peace of mind goes, you won’t need to worry at all about quality.

Technical specifications

Nikon Coolshot 20

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, relying on one of the world’s leading optics brands for your golf rangefinder is the way to go.

Their Nikon Coolshot 20 is the lightest one that this brand makes and can read up to 550 yards with accuracy.

Weighing just 4.4oz and being small enough to fit in your pocket, you’ll only have to think about it when you really need it.

The accuracy of this is what sets it apart and it’s why some golfers are willing to look past the bad points. 

You won’t get clarity like this with other brands because it has the Nikon name and it can provide you with a reading instantly. 

When tested against others in a golf rangefinder comparison, people found this to be the most accurate in that regard.

To get the premium features you’ll have to spend a lot more and upgrade to the 20i, including slope capabilities. As an already expensive device, this might seem a little excessive.

Because of its small size, this isn’t the best rangefinder for shaky hands or anyone with a larger build, and at times it can seem comically compact.

Some have said it shakes at long distances and takes a minute to read, so keep this negative in mind.

The Nikon Coolshot 20 has a 6x magnification and an automatic power button that scans the area over eight seconds to give you your reading.

It uses Nikon’s first target priority technology which means whatever it picks up first in a group of objects to be read, giving you far more accuracy than most.

If you have extra to spend and want clarity of picture and a longer accurate range to be the key features of your finder, the Nikon Coolshot 20 might be worth your while.

Priced at around $200 on Amazon and with limited two-year warranty it’s been built solid, so consider adding this to your golf bag to make the perfect shot.


Technical specifications

Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt


Ask any golfer what their number one feature of a good rangefinder would be, and they’d probably answer precision. 

The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt is our pick for precision and although it’s one of the highest priced around, it’s the only choice that pro players would go for.

With a massive 1,000-yard accuracy and 5x magnification, you won’t miss much when you take this onto the course.

According to reviews, the accuracy and precision of this rangefinder are the best on the market. 

It’s capable of achieving up to 1,000 yards of accurate readings thanks to the special jolt function that gives short, vibrating bursts to focus the laser, and you benefit from this amazing technology. 

This is a tour ready device with a price tag to match, but if you take your golf seriously you won’t mind paying.

On the downside, people weren’t happy to learn this didn’t have slope technology, despite misleading details in the product information and super high price.

They also found readings were a little slow to appear when compared to cheaper models and if you don’t like waiting around for technology to work this could only anger you.

This laser rangefinder comes with a protective carrying case, protective skin, and CR2 battery so it’s full of extras. 

The class 1 laser included has an output of <0.5mW so you’ll get a lot of use out of the battery, and it doesn’t drain the power as you might expect for something so high performance.

The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Laser Rangefinder is definitely one of the most impressive in tech and accuracy according to the golf laser rangefinder reviews that follow it.

Priced at around $330 and with a two-year limited warranty it needs to be impressive to be worth this amount, but according to the customer, it doesn’t disappoint.

Technical specifications

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro


If you prefer the added feature of reading slopes, you’ll want the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro.

As the best golf rangefinder with slope that we’ve reviewed, it’s capable of reading up to 400 yards including sloped surfaces and has a 6x magnification to help you get a clear picture of what’s in front of you.

One of the best things about the NX7 is that it uses adaptive slope technology which is allowed under USGA guidelines, and it will give you a huge advantage on the course.

You can toggle between different reading modes which means plenty of options to get accurate measurements of what lies ahead for you.

There were some negatives according to the reviews though, namely when you’re in windy conditions.

Users found the device shook and had a hard time getting a reading at first, which meant spending a few times doing it over.

Unless you’re playing in perfectly still conditions, this could be a bit of a bother.

This rangefinder is capable of displaying 1/10 yard measurements for precision and is accurate to one yard. 

It also comes with a free lifetime battery replacement so Precision Pro will replace it for you if it ever wears out.

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro is water resistant as well, so even in wet conditions, you’ll still be able to use it on the course.

Rangefinders with the slope feature give you an added advantage, but you have to be sure that they’re allowed wherever you play.

If you do want the bonus of being able to perform slope readings, the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro is our top pick, and for just under $270 you can pick up this innovative device on Amazon today. 

Provided you’re following the USGA guidelines, this rangefinder can give you a huge gain on the course and take a lot of the guesswork out of your next swing.

Technical specifications

Callaway 300 Pro

Golf professionals around the world know that Callaway is a trusted brand in their favorite sport, so it makes sense that the 300 Pro Callaway Laser Rangefinder is a top choice for this device as well.

With a 6x magnification and range of between 5 to 1,000 yards with a one-yard accuracy, it’s pretty good at mapping out the course for you to help you get the best shot.

There are heaps of cool features on the 300 Pro that stood out to reviewers, like the Birdie feature that lets you know the distance to your flagstick.

It also has a scanning function so you can get exactly distances on more than one target at once.

The Callaway 300 Pro uses something called pin acquisition technology (P.A.T) which can lock onto a specified pin up to 300 yards away.

Although it sounds like this would be a huge bonus, customers actually found it tricky to maneuver and some didn’t even end up using it at all because of how inconsistent it was.

For the price, you’d expect one of its key features to perform better than it did.

The slope feature of the 300 Pro will calculate the angles of incline and decline of the area you’re reading, giving you the automatically adjusted distance in either yards or meters.

It’s got a nice compact look and weighs just 7oz so you could even keep it in your pocket.

The device is water and fog proof so you can use it in all conditions, adding to the already huge list of features.

Although not our number one choice, the Callaway 300 Pro is a laser rangefinder that still has a lot to offer.

Priced on the lower end of the scale, you can purchase this device for less than $200 when you shop through Amazon and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Given the great brand recognition and reputation of Callaway, this is a great entry level rangefinder for those who want something with the slope feature.

Technical specifications

Common Questions About Golf Rangefinders

Seeing the distance with a range finder

Having a laser rangefinder for your golf game can certainly help a lot, but to choose the best one you need to know the basics about these devices. 

We’ve answered some commonly asked questions about these devices to give you the background information you need to know that will enable you to put them to use.

The Commonly Asked Questions About Golf Shoes

Having some background information on these shoes can make it a lot easier to choose the right pair. 

These are the answers to those common questions about golf shoes you might have been too afraid to ask and will make you an expert in no time.

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder?

Each model has different functions and features, but at their most basic, a golf rangefinder is held like a camcorder and used before you take a shot. 

You point the device where you want to measure, press the button, and it will relay back statistics to you about distance, obstructions, and other data relevant to your shot.

How Does A Golf Rangefinder Work?

Modern golf rangefinders fix to their target using a laser, and these can reach varying distances depending on the model. 

The laser locks onto the target and bounces back off of it, then relaying information to the device about its distance. 

By measuring the amount of time it takes for the laser to return, it can tell you the distance, what potential obstacles are in the way, and sometimes even the angle of slope.

Do You Need Slope On A Rangefinder For Golf?

The slope feature on a rangefinder can tell you the uphill or downhill distance to your target, in addition to the actual distance, and these devices usually cost extra to purchase. 

While not necessary, some people find that the slope feature helps with particular styles of courses where there might be hills or a lot of inclines and declines.

How Do You Calculate Slope Distance In Golf?

To calculate the slope distance on a golf course, you can work it out by dividing the “run” by the “rise”. However, doing so manually takes a lot of time which is why a rangefinder is best. 

These devices will calculate the angle of return required for each shot, compared to standard rangefinders that only give you a reading for a perfectly parallel shot.

Are Rangefinders Legal In Golf?

The USGA states that distance measuring devices are allowed in amateur championships and other games, as long as they meet their guidelines. 

For PGA tournaments, a recent ruling found that rangefinders would be allowed only to calculate the distance to a target but additional features like slope and elevation would not allow.

Getting the Edge With a Rangefinder

Golf is a game that requires a lot of guesswork, and while that’s part of the challenge of the sport, it doesn’t need to be that much effort. 

Having a rangefinder in your golf bag or pocket can give you the edge and equip you with all of the important information needed before you take your swing. 

With so many other things to consider like the wind conditions, which club to use, and where you should be aiming, having this one thing taken care of can certainly help.

Choosing the best golf rangefinder is essential for accuracy and ease of use, and each of these products that we’ve reviewed would make any golfer happy. 

Whether you’re looking for something budget friendly or one with all of the bells and whistles, rangefinders come in all shapes and sizes and can give you a definite advantage with your performance.

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